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Why we built FireJet

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Stephen Alvin

firejet founders

We're a team of custom web application developers who thought our frontend development process could be streamlined. Here's our story.

After developing and delivering custom web applications for several clients, we found ourselves in an iterative process of designing the user interface, developing the frontend, the backend, and then deploying to cloud.

Internally, we wanted to streamline this process, starting with EzBackend, a backend framework that serves as an ease-of-use wrapper over Fastify and TypeORM. We then considered the possibility of extending this to a frontend framework as well, but realised that existing frameworks were already serving the need well.

So what was left? Design to Code.

It was then than and there that we decided to build and use FireJet as an internal tool that will allow us to bridge the gap between design and frontend. But as we started developing FireJet for internal use, we wondered if it could possibly be useful to other developers, or even non-developers? If you are interested and believe FireJet could be useful to you as well, please let us know!

Thank you!

Hey there! We're a small team of hackers building tools to make life easier for everyone. It would mean the world to us if you try them out! Thank you!
Last updated 12/9/2023