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Design-to-code made easy

· 2 min read
Stephen Alvin

Designing a website or app is one thing, but turning that design into a functional website or app is another. That's where FireJet comes in. FireJet is a Figma plugin that allows designers to easily turn their designs into code with just a few clicks.

I just started using the FireJet plugin for Figma and I'm blown away by how well it works

- Lasven

How FireJet Works

FireJet works by taking the design created in Figma and exporting it into a code format that can be used in various web development frameworks. This means that designers can focus on creating beautiful designs in Figma, and then easily turn those designs into functional websites or apps.

Features of FireJet

FireJet has a number of features that make it a powerful tool for designers and developers alike. Some of the key features include:

  • Support HTML output, as well as popular web development frameworks like React and Vue.js
  • Export styles as CSS, Tailwind or as a JSON
  • Importing existing styles from Tailwind CSS configuration files
  • Automatic fixing of designs to optimize for code conversion

Benefits of FireJet

One of the biggest benefits of FireJet is that it saves time and simplifies the design-to-code process. Instead of spending hours manually translating a design into code, designers can use FireJet to automate the process and focus on other aspects of the project.

Additionally, FireJet can help ensure that the code generated from the design is clean, efficient, and optimized for performance. This can save developers time and effort down the line, as they won't have to spend as much time optimizing the code themselves.


Overall, FireJet is a powerful tool for designers and developers who want to simplify the design-to-code process. With its intuitive interface, customizable code templates, and support for popular web development frameworks, FireJet makes it easy to turn Figma designs into functional websites and apps. If you're a designer looking to streamline your workflow, or a developer looking to save time on coding, FireJet is definitely worth checking out.

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Last updated 12/9/2023