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by πŸ”₯FireJet

No-code editing for
coded websites

No more waiting weeks for a developer to update your website

It's free!

How does it work?

Sign in with GitHub

Choose the project you want to edit

πŸ †

Edit your designs

Make changes in a visual editor

πŸ †

Submit changes

Developer approves a Pull Request made to the codebase

Who is this for?

Freelance Projects

Freelance Projects

Continuous updates without requiring developer man-hours


Figma-like editing

Zero learning curve when you already know Figma

Product Managers

Agile Testing

Consistently evaluate and refine your ideas, messaging, and other elements of your website

Sales & Marketing

On-Demand UI Updates

Effortlessly incorporate client requests into your website on the go

Be the first to supercharge your team

Make changes whenever you want

It's free!


How will this affect the developer?


All changes are compiled into code and submitted to the developer as a Pull Request to the codebase. For code safety reasons, the developer is still the approving party for your changes

What kind of changes can I make?


As we are currently in Beta, we are allowing content and color changes at the moment. Let us know what other kind of changes you would like!

What is GitHub and why do I need an account?


GitHub is the primary tool for developers to mantain their codebase. As your design changes are compiled into code changes, you will need a GitHub account with access to the codebase to make your changes.

What frameworks are currently supported?


We currently support React and Tailwind. Let us know what other kinds of frameworks you would like!