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The freedom to make create, edit, and maintain frontend in the hands of both designer and developer


teams are using FireJet

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Import from Figma

Import existing Figma designs onto the FireJet Figma-alternative with our plugin using AI to perform automatic code correction

Sychronized Code Editor

Editing your design updates your code. Editing your code updates your design

Tailwind CSS

Every project is styled with Tailwind CSS, the world's most popular CSS framework for frontend development

Responsive Layouts

Use Flex-wrap to create fully responsive code outputs that behave the way you intended them to

Pixel Perfection

What you design is what you see in production. 100% pixel perfection with zero design leakage

Sync with GitHub

Code readability optimized for React JS developers. Understand easily and make changes to exported code hassle-free

Coming Soon

Universal Code Output

Generate a .json representation of your design to be used in any frontend framework of your choice

Coming Soon

Accelerate your workflows

Goodbye to designer-developer friction

From bottleneck-prone workflows

Current design tools and development processes are out of sync. It can takes weeks to months to ship designs and their changes to production. Even then, the final code doesn't always match the original design

Normal Design to development workflow

To a team that's in-sync

One platform for all things frontend. Designers get the flexibility to make design changes whenever and wherever, wile developers can avoid the hassle of converting and maintaining frontend code, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of the codebase

Firejet Sync Workflow

Work with interfaces you already love

Zero learning curve

Edit design > change code

Figma-like editor

A design tool like Figma optimized for code generation. Use flex-wrap to generate responsive code outputs when using Auto-Layout. Includes all core features of Figma and more

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Edit code > change design

CodeSandbox-like editor

We use Monaco, the worlds most trusted code editor already used by Visual Studio Code. Includes VSC shortcuts such as Ctrl+F and Ctrl+D to navigate your code easily

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