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Convert designs into usable code reinforced with GPT-4 Vision

47k teams are using 🔥FireJet Figma plugin

Multiple Frameworks

Supports React, Vue, Svelte, HTML, Tailwind, CSS, Typescript, and universal JSON output for customization

GPT-4 Vision

Post-generation enhancements such as removing unecessary divs and styles with automatic semantic element recognition

Tailwind Sync

Intelligent rounding of fixed color and distance-values to the nearest Tailwind defaults for code consistency


What is stopping me from just using ChatGPT?


Nothing's stopping you. But our code will be better. GPT is not designed to extract the right information from your Figma design, whereas for us, we use GPT Vision only to improve the code generated from an algorithm we've been refining for years.

What is GPT-4 Vision?


GPT-4 Vision is the latest model by OpenAI that allows us to interpret your Figma designs and infer additional data not normally available from the Figma API. It allows us to cross reference the generated code with the image and make further improvements to code quality

Why are we better than our competitors?


Different Figma to code tools have different ways of bridging the gap between design and code.We focus heavily on code quality. We wrote a detailed comparison report in May 23 on the Figma to code space. There's an interactive comparison tool in there too. Dive in and find your fit here.

Don't take our word for it

Trust our customers

Tried other figma-to-code tools before but I like FireJet's UX the best. The founders were very receptive to my suggestions too.

Daryl Wong

Daryl Wong

Software Engineer, Grab

Well, I'm a beginner in frontend development & UI designing and it usually takes me plenty of time trying to fix the bugs in my code. With your tool I can implement my ideas faster!

Yiming Zhang

Yiming Zhang

Full-stack Developer, Twigoh

I have been using FireJet since it launched. It has good code optimization with tailwind CSS and works faster than other plugins. I would recommend using FireJet.

Pavan Kshirsagar

Pavan Kshirsagar

Developer, Senwell Solutions


Start your 14 day free trial today

Free 14 days


$38 /mth


Unlimited conversions

React, Vue, Svelte, HTML

CSS, Tailwind CSS

Typescript / Javascript

✨GPT4 Vision

Auto-fix designs

Tailwind defaults approx.

Import Tailwind config.

Pro + AI

$4,800 /mth

per organization

Everything in Pro

Figma-to-code AI model

Mobile and desktop input

CSS class groupings

All frameworks support

Semantic tagging

Detect and use exisiting components

Conversion API


user / mth

Everything in Pro

Up to 100k elements generated

$0.01 / additional element