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Why we startup differently

· 2 min read
Stephen Alvin

Code fast, iterate faster, and let the product speak for itself

Why we startup differently

There's a massive overload of product-related frameworks out there these days: SCRUM, SWOT Analysis, AARRR, JTBD, BMC—the acronyms are endless. I do applaud the effectiveness of these frameworks, and I have done my fair share of reading, but the thing is…

It just doesn't work for us. Let me explain why:

Reasons Why Traditional Frameworks Don't Work for Us

  1. We Can Code Faster

    My CTO is a god-tier coder. It takes 1 week for us to build an MVP and another for us to validate the idea. Whereas, talking to 100 people would take us months. Build fast, fail faster!

  2. We Are a Small Team

    We have 2 co-founders. Being in a small team means we can iterate faster than anyone else. We can make decisions faster.

  3. We Can't Sell for Nuts

    We are engineers at heart and love to code. We can't sell for nuts, but we can build whatever you want. Recognizing our weaknesses and leveraging on our strengths is crucial.

What Works for Us

  1. Build Product
  2. Talk to Users
  3. Repeat

We're not saying frameworks are bad. We tried them, but they're just not for us. Our team is small, we make things quickly, and although we're not good at selling, we excel at coding.

Being a startup means finding what works for you, even if it's not the usual way.

Code fast, iterate faster, and let the product speak for itself.

Hey there! We're a small team of hackers building tools to make life easier for everyone. It would mean the world to us if you try them out! Thank you!
Last updated 12/9/2023